Who we are

We've grown up in film and TV, and while we're not giving our ages away, we have enough industry years between us to be able to finish each other's sentences, choose each other's dinners and multitask like a mother. It's made us some good friends, directed our path and equipped us with some surprising skills.

We’d love you to widen our world


We have a history and we're proud of it


We are Girl & Bear | UK
Simon Thussbas

Aeon – Paradise

Neuesuper | Germany
Tomas Jonsgarden


Jorn Haagen Films | USA
Jorn Haagen

3 Mobile

Ponder | Ireland
Tomas Jonsgarden


Keeper Content | Canada
Andrew de Zen

Evergood Coffee

Jorn Haagen Films | USA
Jorn Haagen


Steam Films | Canada
Paul Minor


Great Guns | UK
Olly Blackburn

RBC Avion

Asymetric | Canada
Per Stålhandske

Landrover L550 ‘Features and Benefits’

Tangerine Films | UK
Gary Holder

Oppo ‘Be a Shot Maker’

Evoke Films | UK
Hardey Speight

Bell | Huawei

Spy Films | Canada
Grégory Ohrel


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The big picture ladies never skip a beat, They make every production a pleasure

- Director, Jorn Haagen

Company we keep

Some of the talented people we've worked with over the years

Southern Culture

Your gateway to a continent so colourful we can't understand
how anyone could call it dark.

We are Mandela, we are the vuvuzela. We control intersections with robots and wear our pants on the outside. From dassies to boerie, District Six to District 9, we have creativity and productivity in equal portions, and we know how to make it work because we know the power of freedom and imagination. Lend us yours.

We have millions of acres of unspoilt nature that no eyes have seen onscreen, mountains so magnificent they get mistaken for the Aztecs and the Alps in one, and 1739 miles of endless ocean. No, make that two. While we're counting, we also have the big five, six biomes and the seventh natural wonder of the world, otherwise known as Table Mountain.

Some call it paradise, we call it home and we'd like to share the beauty with you. Pop into our spaza shop with fifty million smiles and get The Big Picture. We'll even teach you to say "action" in South African.

we've got big talent

At Your Service

A world in one continent

we have The world in one hour

One of the truly original aspects of shooting with The Big Picture is that we see double.  Our deserts mimic the Australian outback , the American wastes and martian stretches. With a bit of makeup, our cities are mistaken for New York and London. It snows here, blows here, and anything goes here in terms of location. We have tropical, we have nautical - this is paradise, after all. Our natural and urban scapes are so varied, we wouldn’t blame you for getting jet lag when we show you that Africa is the world in one hour.

we've got a world of talent

South Africa is a total mixing pot of world class talent. We have professional beauties of every size and look, qualified to strut, smile, scowl or laugh on cue. Looking for a Brazilian babe? Take Nadia, de nada! Want a Parisian hipster? Bien sûr, monsieur. Clyde is on call. How about a hip hop star from the Bronx? Sipho will suffice, yo. All of them are on time, down to earth and ready to work.

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+27 21 421 8101

Unit A206, The Old Biscuit Mill
373 - 375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa 7925